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Learning About GREENSTONE Generics - GREENSTONE
Learning About GREENSTONE Generics - GREENSTONE


GREENSTONE has been committed to offering quality and value for over 25 years. Our goal is to give more patients access to treatments that help them live healthier lives.

GREENSTONE Authorized Generics carry the legacy of the clinical research, data, and patient and physician experience of brand-name drugs. GREENSTONE currently offers more than 80 different products*, covering a wide range of diseases. And, we're always adding more.

We are committed to producing quality Authorized Generics, following the same manufacturing standards as the original brand-name drugs. GREENSTONE receives our product materials from a global network of suppliers. Our sites in North America and Europe manufacture 100% of GREENSTONE's Authorized Generics.

*GREENSTONE provides Authorized Generics and some other generic products.

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GREENSTONE understands your personal and health information are private. The information you provide will only be used by GREENSTONE and parties acting on its behalf to send you the materials you requested and other helpful information and updates on GREENSTONE generic medications, as well as related treatments, products, offers, and services.