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Why Authorized Generics

Authorized Generics Pick-Up in Pharmacy - GREENSTONE
Authorized Generics Pick-Up in Pharmacy - GREENSTONE

The Authorized Generic Choice

Like many people, you may visit a pharmacy on a regular basis to fill prescriptions. However, you may not be aware of the options available to you when it comes to generics. There are multiple manufacturers of generic medications, so the version of the generic you receive may depend on which pharmacy you go to.

When it comes to generics, know your options. All generics are bioequivalent to the brand (meaning they work in the same manner when given in the same way and at the same dose). Within this group of generic medications, there is a subset called Authorized Generics, or AGs.

Prescription Pill - GREENSTONEAuthorized Generics

Authorized Generics are FDA-approved drugs that are made by the manufacturer of the original brand-name drug, but do not use the brand name on the label. AGs are also generally the same size, shape, and color as the brand-name drug. Sildenafil citrate, or Viagra®, is the only GREENSTONE Authorized Generic that looks different from the brand name.
GREENSTONE provides Authorized Generics and some other generic products.

Prescription Pill - GREENSTONEGenerics

Generic drugs are FDA approved and bioequivalent to the brand name, but may be different in size, shape, color, and inactive ingredients. They are made by a company other than the makers of the brand-name drug and do not use the brand name on the label.


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